Pictures Edit

Uploaded a batch of pictures some time ago, meant for a gallery for this article. I procrastinated and now they're not amongst the most recent uploads. The search function of the gallery won't find my "Rebel Hideout (Bowestone Sewers) #" pictures, so I don't know how to add them in for further illustration of the page.

If anyone would know how, and would bother to tackle it, now you know the task.

And there's some more I uploaded at the same time as those of the sewers, also meant for a few specific articles that I found could use some more illustration for the benefit of whomever hasn't seen the game. Feel free to put them to use, as well.

Chances are noone who'll be up for it will read this, but at least it's off my mind knowing I finished what I started. Tried to, anyway. Céu 23:33, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

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