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The Sword of Strategia
Sword of Strategia.png
Weapon Information
Type Longsword
Damage 107
Base Value 9,300 Gold
Augmentations Health
Acquisition Redeem Code
Rating Light

The Sword of Strategia is a unique, possibly legendary, longsword in Fable Anniversary. It can be unlocked with a code from the Fable Anniversary Official Guide, though due to the fact that it is present within the games' coding, it can be obtained (without redeeming the download code) as a gift (making it free in both the real and virtual world) from a spouse. It can be purchased from the weapon shop in Oakvale if the dlc code is used. It can now be obtained within the Scythe Content Pack.


This sword is said to wield incredible combat strategy by the mind of the beholder, this weapon has been used throughout history to turn the tide of war for the commanding army, not to mention helping them find a few Silver Keys on the way.


  • Despite the sword's description about finding silver keys, this sword does nothing to aid in finding them.

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