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The Sword of Aeons
Sword of Aeons.png
Weapon Information
Type Longsword
Damage 550

230 (in TLC)

Base Value 149179
Augmentations Health

Sharpening (Fable only)

Acquisition Chamber of Fate
Rating five stars

The Sword of Aeons is a bloodforged ancient weapon in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary, in which securing the sword against Jack of Blades becomes a major plot line. The sword is revealed to have an ancient connection to the bloodline of the protagonist.

To be activated, the Sword requires the blood of a descendant of the Archon. Before it can be activated, however, the seal on it must be broken. In order to do so, one wishing to gain the Sword must travel to the abbey in Hook Coast with at least one descendant of the Archon (although if what Maze says while performing the ritual is any indication, it is preferable to have more) and complete some sort of ritual near the front of the temple. Once that happens, the Septimal Key appears, and must then be used to activate the Focus Sites throughout Albion; doing so reveals the sword. To achieve full power, the Sword requires the death of at least one descendant of the Archon per user. The precise reason for this is never stated, although it likely has to do with the fact that William Black was its first human wielder and his soul dwells within the sword.

The sword itself is acquired in the Chamber of Fate, after Jack of Blades is defeated. In order to wield it, the Hero must sacrifice his sister. The Hero may also opt to cast it into the vortex opened by Jack's death, which destroys the sword. In Fable: The Lost Chapters, choosing to destroy the Sword of Aeons gives the Hero the option of receiving Avo's Tear, an equally powerful sword. The sword has an attack strength of 550 points in the original Fable, reduced to 230 points in The Lost Chapters.


The oldest of all weapons. The Sword of Aeons was bloodforged long before the Old Kingdom. Once unlocked, its power is the power of all Albion.


The Sword of Aeons is an ornate, ancient sword that holds immense power. The pommel is golden-yellow, in the shape of a cone with a semi-circle attached to the base of the cone. The handle is red with golden decorations imprinted vertically down the handle, on the bottom of the handguard there is also four yellow prongs in a curved horn like shape that creates a star formation and points downwards.

The handguard is a dark grey which goes down in a way of a jester's hat with two knobs at the end of the handguard. The sword has a double-edged, polished steel blade. The blade is notched near the middle and has a thin fuller.


The Tales of Albion reveal that the Sword of Aeons originally belonged to Jack of Blades, but was stolen from him by William Black, when the latter was sucked into the Void. The sword spoke to Black, promising to help him slay the Court if he surrendered his soul. This was agreed, and Black used the sword to defeat the three members of the Court, and ultimately free Albion.


Hero Save Abuse[]

  • It is possible to get both The Sword of Aeons and Avo's Tear by defeating Jack, then hero saving with the sword in hand. Then quit, and start the game again. When starting again, you will appear in front of the Chamber of Fate doors before fighting Jack. Not only will you be able to kill Jack with the sword, but you can now spare Theresa, and then be able to retrieve Avo's Tear.
    • This appears to have been fixed in the PC/Steam version of Fable TLC, upon restart, you start back in the map room, equipped with the stick. The same happens if you play Fable on the Xbox 360.
    • If you do kill your sister, you must watch the full credits to get the Sword of Aeons (Fable)

Summon Clipping[]

  • It is possible to obtain the Sword of Aeons as early as the "Wasp Menace" quest, to do this the player must purchase both the Assassin Rush and Summon spell and enter the Chamber of Fate in the Guild. The player must simply line themselves up on the second highest "layer" in the room and summon a wasp in the stairs, then the player simply has to just lock onto the summoned wasp and turn the camera towards the floor while spamming Assassin Rush. If done properly, the player will clip through the floor and be under the map where the sword will just be sitting for the taking. (Please note: the summoned wasp must be clipping in the stairs, NOT ABOVE THE STAIRS; Please also note: only a wasp can be used as all other creatures are too large to clip through the stairs)
    • Confirmed in all versions (Original, TLC, and Anniversary), however in Anniversary it seems to be significantly harder to pull off.
    • If the player decides to not kill Theresa during the fight against Jack of Blades' human form, then the sword will disappear from the player's inventory as it normally would, sadly.
    • It has been theorised that Avo's Tear may be obtainable through similar means, but this is proven to not be possible by using a modding program to view the map. Unlike the Sword of Aeons which is always in the Chamber of Fate, Avo's Tear is scripted to only appear during the cutscene where the Hero has a chance to obtain it.


  • The Sword of Aeons in the original Fable (2004) had a base damage of 550 and was also imbued with a Sharpening Augmentation, making it the strongest melee weapon available in that version of the game. This augmentation was then removed from Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary, along with the damage being reduced to 230. While it has a superior DPS to other weapons, it is beaten by the likes of the Solus Greatsword in terms of base damage in these versions of the game.


  • The moral opposite to the Sword of Aeons is Avo's Tear, obtainable only if the Hero is good and chose to destroy the Sword of Aeons after fighting Jack of Blades.
  • References in Fable II hint at the Sword of Aeons still existing in Albion and that it may have been the weapon of choice for the Hero of Oakvale. However, it is widely considered an intentional mistake amongst the historians of Albion, as both the Sword of Aeons and Avo's Tear look very similar in shape and could be the reason for this inconsistency.


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