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Surround spells use Will and involve those that affect the world around the Hero in Fable, Fable:The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary.

Slow TimeEdit

Main article: Slow Time

This Spell affects the very fabric of time itself; slowing everything around you to a crawl while leaving the user or caster immune. Higher levels allow the caster to maintain this state for longer, and bring the world nearly to a standstill.


Main article: Summon

Summon wrenches a creature's soul from the netherworld to help the caster. If this creature kills another, it is replaced by the soul of the newly fallen victim. Higher levels allow the caster to keep the creature summoned for longer.

Drain LifeEdit

Main article: Drain Life

A singularly unpleasant spell, Drain Life allows the caster to heal himself by sapping the life force of his enemies. Higher levels drain more from the victim with each use. Only the evil can master this Spell.


Main article: Turncoat

This insidious spell manipulates the enemy's mind whilst the caster is close enough, gradually turning the target into an unwitting ally. Higher levels allow control of the victim's mind for longer.

Force PushEdit

Main article: Force Push

This spell creates a powerful blast of energy which radiates out from the caster, sending nearby enemies sprawling. Useful when greatly outnumbered. Higher levels of the spell create a more damaging force.

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