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Sun Shrine
Dungeon on Knothole Island
Knothole Sun Shrine.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests Knothole Island's Huge Heat
Enemies Hobbes
Exits Knothole Island

The Sun Shrine is a weather shrine on Knothole Island, accessible in the Fable II DLC Knothole Island. Within the ancient dungeon lies the Storm Totem.

Located on Knothole Island, located off the coast of mainland Albion, the Sun Shrine was built by an unknown, ancient civilization with a propensity for Will use, able to utilize their powers to affect the weather. This proved attractive to the tribe located in Knothole Glade, who, tired from the damp weather and the constant balverine attacks, relocated to the island. When they discovered the power of the totems, they sent warriors to retrieve them and keep them near their village. This ease sapped the fighting will of the people, who put the totems back in the shrines. Unfortunately, this proved disastrous, as the inhabitants of the island grew so weak one day that their warriors could not retrieve the totems.

This shrine is the main destination in the Weather Quest Knothole Island's Huge Heat. It is only accessible during the island's summer, when the river in which it is located has evaporated enough to uncover the entrance. One requires the Sun Key to enter the dungeon.

Lying abandoned for some time, the shrine has become home to at least one tribe of hobbes. Hollow men and beetles also call the shrine home.

In addition to the Storm Totem itself, the Knothole Knight Shirt can be found within.

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