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Storm Shrine
Dungeon on Knothole Island
Knothole Storm Shrine.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests Knothole Island Drowning
Enemies Hollow Men
Exits Knothole Island

The Storm Shrine is a weather shrine on Knothole Island, accessible in the Fable II DLC Knothole Island, and holds the Ice Totem within its dungeon.

Long ago, the shrine was built by an ancient civilization who possessed enough power of Will to change the weather. It was this power that attracted the tribe of Knothole Glade who, sick of damp weather and neverending balverine attacks, traveled to the island. They quickly claimed all the totems, but the ease of use shattered the fighting prowess of the tribe's warriors. Returning the totems to the shrines, the tribe discovered with horror that they had grown so weak that they could not retrieve the totems.

This shrine is the main destination in the Weather Quest Knothole Island Drowning. It is only accessible during the island's monsoon, when the waterfalls are flowing and the ponds are full and unfrozen. The Storm Key is also essential in enabling access to the dungeon. This ancient structure, having been dormant for years, has attracted Hollow men, shadows, and even a banshee within it's halls.

The Ice Totem is not the only treasure that the shrine holds; the Knothole Knight Helmet can also be found within the shrine.

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