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Enemy Information
Type Insect
Games Fable: The Journey
First Appearance Fairwood

Stingers are large winged insects equipped with a massive, eponymous stinger. These creatures veritably infest the northern lands of Albion and the northern frontier of the Edgelands. Although both are large and armed with stingers, it is unknown if there is any connection between them and the wasps from the Age of Heroes.

Stingers collaborate in small swarms, yet they usually attack one-by-one. They live in large hives, though they sometimes find shelter in abandoned homes and tunnels. They are fast, agile, and their stingers are surprisingly large and dangerous. However, they are rather weak, and are easily dispatched with a proper application of Will power.

Stingers are first encountered by the Dweller Gabriel on the roads leading into the massive Thorndeep forest, and are continuously encountered throughout the journey. Gabriel also runs across a massive hive of Stingers taking up residence in the abandoned village of Honeyholm, found within Miremoor. It is there that he also encounters the first "Elite" Stingers, which are blue instead of orange and take on a leadership role. Though it can be presumed that they are the leaders of Stinger hives, it is also possible that they are the result of a cross-breeding fiasco, as Betty mentions that Honeyholm was abandoned after some sort of cross-breeding incident.

In addition to emerging from their nests, Stingers are also occassionally summoned into battle by Trolls.

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