Staff of Wrath
Staff of Wrath
Weapon Information
Type Blunt
Damage 91
Base Value 21,800 gold
Augmentations Hardwood Augment
Acquisition Knothole Island
Rating 4stars

The Staff of Wrath is a legendary weapon available from the Box of Secrets in the Knothole Island DLC of Fable II.

Description Edit

When Will-users get angry, they cast their most fearsome spells. When they get really really angry, they bludgeon their enemies to pulp using an old fashion stick.

Location Edit

The Staff of Wrath can be found in Box of Secrets in Knothole Island. It can be acquired by trading in one Diamond.

Notes Edit

  • The Staff of Wrath can only be acquired after completing Knothole Island's Huge Heat.
  • Like all other Knothole-Island-Only items and weapons, this weapon is un-giftable to other players on Xbox Live.

Trivia Edit

  • Jessica reveals that the staff is made from the femur bone of a flush-cheeked dragon.
  • Its name may be a reference to the Staff of Ra from Indiana Jones.
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