Spire Statue
Spire Statue
Type Object
Effects Transportation to the Spire
Source Murgo (See The Future)
Related Quests The Vision
Base value 5 gold
Stars 1star

The Spire Statue is an item in Fable II made available after purchasing the DLC See The Future. It is given by Murgo after defeating the Necromancer at the end of The Costume Party, and is only made available after defeating Lucien Fairfax.

The Spire Statue operates in a similar fashion to the Cursed Snowglobe and the Cursed Skull, as they are all obtained from Murgo and they all teleport the Hero of Bowerstone somewhere. Specifically, the Spire Statue transports the Hero to the Tattered Spire, where they meet Theresa one last time. 

Unlike the other two objects, the Spire Statue cannot be reactivated, which ensures that the Hero cannot revisit the Spire.


It's a remarkable replica model of the Spire. When you hold it, you feel the same unnatural hum that emanated from the real Spire's walls.

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