Spire Guard
Spire Guards
Enemy Information
Type Human
Games Fable II
First Appearance Brightwood
Related Quests The Hero of Will
The Spire

Spire Guards are the backbone of Lucien Fairfax's army in Fable II. Their first appearance is in the quest, The Hero of Will, when the player has to make their way through Brightwood Tower. Though one also appears in the quest, The Hero of Strength, to kill Hammer 's father. They wield katanas, longswords or cutlasses for melee, and clockwork pistols as their ranged weapon. They are powerful fighters. If the player delivers a headshot and decapitates a Spire Guard, they will see their headless body with one half of the collar shocking it, the head has the other half of the collar which looks exactly like the Broken Spire Collar trophy.

Spire Guard ranking seems to be very simple: a three-digit number is assigned to each individual and a simple rank (recruit, guard, officer etc.) is used to address the Spire Guard, for example: "Recruit 273". Spire Guards have at least two ranks - a variant sporting standard black headbands and masks, and also a slightly rarer, yet more skilled type wearing red headgear, who are assumed to be some type of minor officer from the way they issue orders to their black-masked comrades.

Spire Guard's uniforms vaguely resemble that of the Albion Guard and also share the same characteristics of their more lawful counterparts, such as the stance when standing/walking and their choice of weapons.

Spire Guards are much tougher than regular enemies or guards. They can take more than the regular number of hits to die especially with the most powerful weapons, such as The Enforcer, and can attack the player with more power.

Notable Spire GuardsEdit

  • Bob
  • The Hero of Bowerstone (disguised)


  • They appear in a four star Bounty Hunter job, in which they are terrorizing a random region with a populace. (e.g. Bower Lake, Westcliff or even Bowerstone.)
  • After completing "The Spire" quest, you will acquire the Spire Guard outfit, which includes a coat, pants, shoes and a headband.
  • The mask that the Spire Guards wear is not available to wear, and is never issued to the Hero while in The Spire. Bob comments that the mask is uncomfortable to wear, and expresses his dislike for it. It is unknown whether or not the Hero shares the same opinion.
  • The captains of the Spire Guards are called Spire Soldiers.
  • All Spire Guards have a small blade protruding from their middle and index fingers, which are visible when they are not wielding a weapon. However, it does not appear to add any damage when using their fists if disarmed.

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