A six slot spinnerbox in Fable II Pub Games


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Spinnerbox is a pub game playable in Fable II and Fable II Pub Games. It is a slot machine game in which the player spins 3, 4 or 6 slots, depending on the variant of the game. If the slots form chains of the same adjacent symbols then the player wins a payout that is dependent on the bet, the length of the chain and the symbol. Each spinnerbox table uses different symbols and has different payouts for the different chain lengths. Besides these symbols, there is a special bonus symbol that grants free spins depending on the length of the chain formed with these symbols (in some game variants). In the three-slot spinnerbox called Cow and Corset, the bonus symbol doesn't grant free spins; instead it activates a secret fourth spinner that will pay out whichever symbol it shows as if it was three of a kind. The bonus symbols in the Garden variant give the player multiplicators for their next spin.

In Fable II, Spinnerbox is available in Brightwood with the traveling game masters and the Cow and Corset variant is ironically not available at the Cow and Corset inn, but at the Sandgoose tavern in Oakfield. The tailor's variant of the game is available at the Lucky Heather Tavern in Rookridge.

Variants Edit

The Spinnerbox variants have different bonus and 3, 4 or 6 switches:

  • Banquet Hall: basic three switches
  • Scarlett the Smith: basic four switches
  • John the Miller: basic six switches
  • Cow and Corset: three switches with a fourth bonus switch
  • Tower of Riches: four switches with a free spin bonus
  • Enzo the Tailor: six switches with a free spin bonus
  • Conquest of the Seas: four switches with growing multiplier bonus
  • Flower Garden: six switches with growing multiplier bonus
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