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Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Side Quest
Preceding Birthday Gift
Succeeding None
Start Heroes' Guild
End Heroes' Guild
Reward # Gold

Sparrows is a side quest in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. This quest starts and ends with the Guild Training quest.

Quest Summary[]

Kill the sparrows nesting around the Guild for a mysterious man.


  1. Talk to the Guild Acolyte near the statue of Maze.
  2. Kill the sparrows scattered about the Guild.
  3. Return to the Acolyte for your reward.


Seven sparrows have been nesting about the Heroes' Guild, and one of the caretakers of the Guild has reached his wit's end. He'll pay any Hero for killing the lot of them.


Talk to the man in the black hood near Maze's statue. He'll ask you to slay the sparrows nesting in the eaves of the Guild's roof. Use your bow or lightning to kill the little birds. Killing them will cause you to gain evil points. Once they're all dead, talk to the man for a small reward.


These are the locations of the sparrows. There is a total of seven to complete the quest. These can be gotten in any order; the following is just to show the locations.

  1. The first sparrow is located on the roof just behind the man who gives this quest. To easily get it, stand on the bridge.
  2. The second sparrow is located on the same roof as the first sparrow, just at the opposite end. Again, to easily reach this sparrow use the bridge.
  3. The third sparrow is located on the corner plant closest to Maze's chambers at the intersection leading to the Four Heroes Graves. Heading towards Maze's chambers from the quest giver, it is the furthermost away pear-shaped plant.
  4. The fourth sparrow is located on the Four Heroes Grave site. This is the fancy structure between the Guild Shop and Maze's chambers.
  5. The fifth sparrow is located on the roof to the left of the Four Heroes Grave.
  6. The sixth sparrow is located on the roof straight past the Four Heroes Grave.
  7. The seventh sparrow is located on the other side of the river, above the doorway to the servant's chamber.


Several of the Experience Orbs may get stuck, and can't be collected unless shot with ranged attacks.


The gold is yours, but it seems a bit evil to murder helpless creatures... too late.


  • The acolyte that gives you this quest is referred to as the Bird Killer in the game files.
  • In the game files for Fable, the cutscene for the Bird Killer explaining the quest is called "CS_GUILD_GULLS" which heavily implies that you were originally meant to kill Seagulls instead of sparrows at one point in the game's development.

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