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Something Rotten
Type Side Quest
Preceding Stranded
Succeeding None
Start Rookridge, The Lucky Heather
End Rookridge
Reward 3500 Renown
Lucky Heather Tavern For Sale
Trophies Troll's Eyeball

Something Rotten is a quest in Fable II.


After reaching Bloodstone during the The Hero of Skill quest, you'll learn that a strange and unpleasant smell is driving the Rookridge Lucky Heather Tavern out of business. Fast-travel there and speak to Joseph the barman to learn that their water is so rancid that it's causing the whole inn to stink. He wants to sell the place, but nobody is going to want to buy a polluted establishment. Of course, that's where you come in.

Exit the inn via the second-floor balcony and proceed down the mining bridge (the same route you took while chasing Dash early in the game). After crossing the water, take the short path to the east to reach The Wellspring. Once you reach the bottom of this cave, you'll immediately discover the source of the pollution - a rock troll. This should be at least the fourth troll you've done battle with in the game, so this should be fairly simple for you. As always, use your favourite spell or ranged weapon to destroy the weak points protruding from the troll's body and he'll eventually fall. With the troll dead, loot the chest at the back of the cave for an Adept Skill Potion and the chest in the tunnel on your way out for a Resurrection Phial, then head back to Joseph.

The barman takes a swig of the water and confirms that it's no longer the foul, stinky liquid it used to be. He can finally sell the inn, and even offers you a friendly discount, should you be interested. After receiving 3500 renown points and the Troll's Eyeball trophy, you're free to purchase The Lucky Heather for the very reasonable price of about 2,500 gold.


  • Considering the quest requires defeating only one troll for 3500 renown, it can be seen as one of the easiest quests in the game.

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