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Species Human
Gender Male
Status Dead

Solcius was a great mage who destroyed the portal that threatened to engulf Bowerstone. By doing so he took his own life. At the end of Fable if the hero chooses to throw away the Sword of Aeons, he is judged by three of the greatest heroes ever. Solcius was one of the three. You can see three statues outside Maze´s quarters, that resembles the three heroes, including Solcius. The statue of Solcius is wearing what seems to be a mage's robe and an apprentice hood.

It is most likely Solcius' voice that can be heard while acquiring Avo's Tear since it was Solcius who powered it.

Here are buried the remains of Solcius, the legendary mage who sacrificed his own life while performing his greatest spell, closing a vortex that threatened to engulf Bowerstone.

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