Sock It to 'Em
Type Expression Manual
Effects Teaches Sock Puppet expression
Source Fiction Burns
Base value 800 gold
Stars 5stars

Sock It to 'Em is an expression manual which teaches the Hero the "Sock Puppet" expression. It can be purchased from Fiction Burns in Bowerstone Market.

Contents of Book Edit

(This is an Expression manual)
Entertain children and easily pleased adults by pretending that your hand is actually a person! It's amazing!
(Use to learn the Sock Puppet expression.)

Sock Puppet Edit

This is the expression learned by using the expression manual. The Hero pretends his/her hands are people, and they seem to argue. Villagers will think of you as funny. If you fail the expression, you slap your hands against each other and cry out, holding your arm. People will find you more aggressive.


  • If you fail the expression and walk right after, you will repeat the dialogue.

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