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Town in The Northern Wastes
Location Information
Related Quests Oracle of Snowspire
Oracle's Knowledge
NPCs Scythe
Exits Archon's Shrine
Shops General Store
Weapon Store
Clothing Store
Donation Store

Snowspire is a location in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. It is the only known remaining settlement in the Northern Wastes. The Oracle sits at the far side of Snowspire. The Oracle states that once, Snowspire was but one of many thriving cities in the frozen land. Its warriors, steeled by the coldest winters known to man, served as some of the fiercest soldiers at the Archon's disposal. After the fall of the Old Kingdom, the Northern Wastes have been out of contact with the rest of Albion for centuries. Gradually, Snowspire was beset by invading hordes, reducing its size to a mere village.


WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

Snowspire was one of the many towns that were founded during the Old Kingdom, and was one of the few that survived its destruction.

The Oracle[]

During the Third Archon Kingdom, before the Old Kingdom's fall, it was ordered that an enormous monument must be created from an extremely large slab of rock. Four Will users (Yeron, Moryk, Calran and Avisto) created the Snowspire Oracle of it, and four Glyphs that contained the knowledge of how to use its power. The objective of this huge monument was to prepare the Kingdom for the future, while keeping record of the present and past.

Thousands of years later, after the Old Kingdom destruction, and during the Fallow Wars period, The Oracle was under imminent attack, so the four Glyphs were buried in the Necropolis, near Snowspire Village, and there they remained, waiting to be found.

Fable TLC[]

The hero Scythe travelled to Snowspire shortly after The Oakvale Raid in an effort to reunite the Northern Wastes with Albion. Shortly after The Hero of Oakvale's first triumph against Jack of Blades, Scythe contacted the Heroes' Guild, saying that Snowspire was under attack from Summoners. The Hero travelled to Snowspire after using the Fire Heart to summon The Ship of the Drowned. The Hero faced Jack a final time after opening the Bronze Gate outside Snowspire.

Map Description[]

A town established long ago deep in the Northern Wastes as part of the Old Kingdom.


  • L. Copley, The Lady of Stirling. Dead from over-production.
  • Sir Peter Molyneux. Tamer of lions, alchemist, always reached for the stars.
  • N. Smethurst. Pointed out the flaws in this land.


  • The Weapons shop is useful because you can sell your high-value legendary weapons.
  • The donation shop here will let you shift your alignment to good through donation of items.
  • The Tattoo artist in the village offers a variety of special tattoo cards that can only be bought in the village.
  • There is a gravestone behind the pub with the inscription where you will find the Lionhead Tattoo in a dig spot. The gravestone itself reads "Sir Peter Molyneux. Tamer of Lions, alchemist, always reached for the stars" which is a reference to Lionhead Studios and Peter Molyneux himself.


  • In Fable: TLC, when looking south from Snowspire, the haunted Necropolis can be seen on the horizon. However, in Fable Anniversary, the vista is different, with numerous trees and distant mountains being visible instead.
  • The Necropolis that can be seen in the distance is actually just a 2D image that gives the false impression of another town being there.
  • Design Documents for Fable insinuate that at one point in development, Snowspire village was only accessible if the Hero wore fur clothing that protected them from the cold environment, since the weather was believed to be so harsh that it could kill you.

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