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Disambiguous.png This article is about the interactive Oracle. For the quest, see Oracle of Snowspire.

"Ah, it's been so long since I told anyone about..." - Snowspire Oracle

The Snowspire Oracle

Snowspire Oracle is a large monument created by four Will users in the Third Archon Kingdom. It is located in Snowspire Village of the Northern Wastes in Fable: The Lost Chapters. After completing the associated quest the Hero of Oakvale is able to ask the Oracle about several things including the creatures and history of Albion and, if the Hero chose to spare them, the fates of Thunder, Whisper, and Theresa


During the Third Archon Kingdom, it was ordered that an enormous monument must be created from an extremely large slab of rock. Four Will users (Yeron, Moryk, Calran and Avisto) created the Snowspire Oracle, and four Glyphs that contained the knowledge of how to use its power. The objective of this huge monument was to prepare the Kingdom for the future, while keeping record of the present and past.

Thousands of years later, The Oracle was under imminent attack, so the four Glyphs were buried in the Necropolis, near Snowspire Village, and there they remained, waiting to be found.

The Oracle and The Hero[]

The Snowspire Oracle awakens

After years of peace in Albion, the ancient Jack of Blades once again manages to spread evil in the world, so the Hero's primary task is to defeat Jack. Upon reaching Snowspire for the first time, Scythe asks the Hero to find four glyphs that will allow them to speak with the Oracle in the quest Oracle of Snowspire. Finishing this quest permits the Hero to perform the Yeron, Moryk, Calran and Avisto expressions, allowing him to ask about four things, respectively: the People of Albion, Albion Lore, the Creatures of Albion, and the History of Albion.


  • Like Demon Doors, the Snowspire Oracle technically counts as a creature.
  • According to the game files of Fable, the Snowspire Oracle was originally meant to be a minigame and would have been hosted by a Game Master instead of a villager.
  • When the four oracle expressions are used, The Hero makes a Y, M, C, or A with his arms, a reference to the choreography for the song "Y.M.C.A.", by the Village People.
  • According to Scythe, Jack of Blades tried to pursue the Snowspire Oracle to uncover the Sword of Aeons. This could possibly be a reference to how the Necropolis was intended to be a part of the original game.