Smuggler's Beach
Area of Bloodstone
Smugglers Beach
Location Information
Related Quests Bloodstone Assault
Enemies Great Shard
Spire Guards
Spire Soldiers
NPCs Reaver
Exits (Entrance only) Reaver's Rear Passage

Smugglers Beach is the area where a battle between the Great Shard and the four heroes; The Hero of Bowerstone, Hammer, Garth and Reaver, occurred. The battle was won by the heroes, and was successful in convincing Reaver to go to Heroes' Hill with Theresa and take part in the ritual there. It is a beach that is accessed through Reaver's Rear Passage.

Notes Edit


  • Some villagers in Fable II will have Smuggler's Beach listed as a favorite location, despite the Hero being unable to take them there.

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