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The Slimming Potions are potions available through the Knothole Island downloadable content, in Fable II. They will make the character notably thinner, though their corruption points will increase.

Types of Slimming Potion[edit | edit source]

Name Stars Description Purity Fatness Base Value
One Burned Calorie Potion one star You'd probably lose more weight if you breathed in hard. -15.0 -20.0 500
Mild Exercise Potion two stars You may not look overweight, but you feel it, don't you? A few drops of this potion and those extra pounds will disappear. -15.0 -40.0 800
Fat-Burner Potion three stars Achieve that svelte figure with the minimum of effort. -15.0 -60.0 1100
Skinny Potion four stars If stomach-stapling sounds too painful, and pies just taste too good, this is the diet for you. -15.0 -80.0 1300
Stick-Thin Potion five stars There is no better guarantee for getting rid of pot-bellies, flabby waists or a remotely healthy figure. -15.0 -100.0 1500

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