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In Fable II, sleeping in certain houses can confer sleeping bonuses to your Hero. For example, increasing your Strength, health or speed. Bonuses are most beneficial when a happy family lives in the home. You can check what bonuses a home has to offer by examining the property.

The Bonuses[]

  • Animal Magnetism - People will find you more attractive.
  • Bodybuilder - You will have increased Physique.
  • Do Gooder - People will believe you to be more Good.
  • Five Minutes of Fame - You will be slightly more famous.
  • Health Bonus - You will have increased maximum health.
  • Health Penalty - You will have decreased maximum health.
  • Health Regeneration - Your health will slowly be restored over time.
  • Heart of Corruption - People will believe you to be more Corrupt.
  • Mask of Evil - People will believe you to be more Evil.
  • Purification - People will believe you to be more Pure.
  • Speed Boost - You will have increased speed, even if it is already maximised.
  • Tough as Nails - You will have increased Toughness.
  • Troll Face - People will find you less attractive.

See Also[]


  • If you sleep in a bed with a happy spouse, the effects the bed provide are doubled. Upgrading the furniture of a house further improves the bonuses provided by sleeping there. The benefit to the bonuses does not seem to rely on number of furniture pieces in the house, but rather if all of the furniture in the house has been upgraded from its default quality or already comes with full luxury items.
  • Be careful when sleeping in beds that belong to someone else. (This includes beds in houses you own but are renting out.) Sleeping in such a bed counts as trespassing and the owner of the bed will not hesitate to call the guard to have you arrested. However, you will receive a warning message when attempting to sleep in a bed that would merit trespassing.
  • Speed Boost is the only effect which cannot be replicated by using augmentations, clothing, produce or potions. There is also a cap on how much speed can be gained, Bloodstone Mansion for instance will not make the character any faster than Manure Manor (with full luxury furniture and a happy spouse in both).
  • Health Regeneration is slow (even if all bonus criteria above are met), diminishing its usefulness if hit often during combat. A Ghoul augment (or a similar life stealing augment) is more effective, if both are used together however the hero is unlikely to be knocked unconscious.
  • See Experience_Tips/Exploits#Bodybuilder.