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Slave Rescue
Type Side
Preceding Any time
Succeeding Any time
Start Bowerstone Market
End Bowerstone Market
Reward Renown, Good Points

Slave Rescue is a quest/job available in Fable II in which the player must free several of Albion's villagers who have been taken by bandits to be sold into slavery. (See Civilian Displacement)


You can get this job from a Guard in Bowerstone Market near the Bower Lake Road. He will give you a note indicating the region in which the slaves are being held captive. It can be done several times and has different levels of difficulty, indicated by the star rating. The difficulty of the quest dictates the renown points that are received after completing it. Each star is equal to 500 renown points, so the player may receive a maximum of 2500 renown points if there is a five-star risk level. The player will also earn 30 good morality points for completing these quests, as it is seen as the good alternative to Civilian Displacement.

The quest is relatively simple, as the player only has to kill a group of bandits in order to get the key that will open the prisoners' cage. Some of the regions in which slaves can be rescued are:


  • This quest is recurring and it comes up again and again so you can take it, rather like a job.

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