Skill Potions in Fable II are potions that give you Skill experience points. These are:

Name Stars Description Skill Exp. Base Value
Clumsy Skill Potion 1star Tying your shoelaces requires more adroitness than the meager experience brewed into this potion. 100 36
Fumbling Skill Potion 2stars Always dropping things? Tired of hitting your thumb with a hammer? This skill potion could be the answer for you. 500 141
Practised Skill Potion 3stars It's the liquid equivalent of practising for a week. It's no wonder it tastes like sweat. 2500 585
Potion of Skill 3stars Drink this, and you'll become permanently more skillful, earning enough experience points to buy one of several new abilities! 2500 600
Adept Skill Potion 4stars Inject knowledge directly into your nerves and muscles with this highly potent brew. 12500 2478
Expert Skill Potion 5stars The specially treated remains of over a dozen grandmasters of dexterity have been distilled into this extraordinary concoction. 62500 10534

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