Sketch Fragment
Type Book
Source Highwaymen
Related Quests The Hit
Base value 5 Gold
Stars 1star

Sketch fragments are notes in Fable II, dropped by highwaymen who try to assassinate the Hero of Bowerstone after their escape from Lucien's Spire.

Once three sketch fragments have been acquired, the next highwaymen ambush drops a completed sketch that triggers the Hit side quest. The completed sketch shows the location of the Highwayman's Guild and its leader, Darius Zing.

Contents Edit

First Sketch Fragment Edit

A rough sketch of what could be someone's ear... or maybe a flower?

Second Sketch Fragment Edit

Putting the two fragments together and then squinting shows the image of a large crab.

Third Sketch Fragment Edit

The sketch is evidently some kind of map.

Completed Sketch Edit

A map detailing the location of the Assassins' Guild. The fine print at the bottom states: No member should carry more than one piece of this map at any time. By order of Darius Zing.

Trivia Edit

  • If the fragments are sold to a book trader, the next highwaymen ambush will drop the first sketch fragment instead of the next one of the three.

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