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Silver Key
Silver Key.JPG F3 Silver Key.png
Type Object
Effects Open Silver Key Chests
Source All over Albion
Aurora (Fable III)

Silver Keys are a type of key that can be found all over Albion and Aurora. They may be buried, submerged or hidden behind everyday objects like carts and crates. They can also appear in the depths of dungeons, or behind walls and hedges.

The only purpose Silver Keys have are to open Silver Key Chests (aside from one Demon Door in Fable TLC and Fable Anniversary) and each chest has a set number of keys required to open it. The keys don’t disappear after each use, so when you have 20 keys in your inventory, you can open all the chests that require 20 keys or less. The chests usually contain some of the most valuable items to be found in the games (including legendary weapons, special armour and some neat potions).


"Open chests with these."

"These rare silver keys can be used to open magically locked chests found all over the world. Each chest requires a certain number of keys to open, so always be on the lookout for more. You never know what you'll find inside a silver key chest!"

"Use silver keys to open silver key chests and unlock treasures."

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