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Silver Chests or Silver Key Chests make a return in Fable III. They are found all over Albion. There are 13 Silver Chests in total.

Silver Chests require a certain number of Silver Keys, to open; the number of keys needed is marked on each chest. Only when the required number of keys is found will your dog call the chests out like any other treasure. Henchmen who own Silver Keys in their world count separately towards the total and can unlock chests for both players.
The player will need all fifty silver keys to open all the chests in the world. The Silver Key locations are noted here.

Note: Opening chests does not use any keys, the number is only a requirement.

Location Keys Contents
Reliquary, after entering from the Brightwall Academy go down the left passage. 1 Dog Training: Combat 2
Mistpeak Valley, on the high ridge accessable near the Dweller Camp entrance. 5 Summon Creature Potion
10 Guild Seals
Dweller Camp, down the path from Sabine's compound, above a wagon and behind a rock. 5 Health Potion
10 Guild Seals
Bowerstone Industrial, inside the factory where Reaver shoots Farrell when you first arrive. It is on the highest level at the back on the left. 5 5 Slow Time Potions
Brightwall Village, up some stairs between Good Boy (Dog Books) and Brightwall Bling (Gifts). 10 50,000 gold
In Shifting Sands after leaving the City of Aurora, take the right path through a canyon. Running towards the rock arch, on the right hand side will be a ramp going up, the Chest is on a platform directly under the arch. 10 50,000 gold
Mourningwood, exiting The Hole after going through the Monorail, cross the bridge, there is a natural ledge you can walk onto just off the road, it follows the road around and is above the road as it begins to turn. Can easily be seen from the bridge by looking left. 10 Uncommon Weapon
Bowerstone Industrial, near the second bridge (the one that is blocked off before the event with Reaver when you first arrive). It is in a small alcove with stone walls just on the corner. 10 50,000 Gold
Bowerstone Market, in the back alley between The Cock in the Crown and Bower Threads. 15 20 Guild Seals
Inside Chillbreath Caverns, you have to take the entrance near the Monorail. It is all the way at the back, just before the one-way exit which has the Golden Key. 15 75,000 Gold
Millfields, in front of the Demon Door, next to the statue of the man holding the monocular. 20 Uncommon Weapon
City of Aurora, outside the temple at the top of the steps, on the left behind a boulder that looks like a head. 20 Uncommon Weapon
Bowerstone Castle Gardens, to the right of the Tomb of the Hero of Bowerstone when facing away from the castle. 50 Relic Weapon
2,000,000 Gold