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Silver Chests or Silver Key Chests are unique chests that can be found all over Albion in Fable II. There are 18 Silver Chests in total.

Silver Chests require a certain number of silver keys to open; the number of keys needed is marked on each chest. The player will need all 50 collectible keys in order to open all of the chests in the world.

Location Keys Contents
Bower Lake, south area. 1 Dog Tricks! Bunny Hop
Bowerstone Cemetery, beside the expression statue. 1 Mood Ring
Bower Lake, near the entrance to Brightwood. 1 100 gold
Fairfax Road in Bowerstone Market, in a fenced garden. 5 Potion of Life
Just outside of the gate to Bowerstone Old Town, beside a tree and a dig spot. 5 500 gold
From Bowerstone Old Town leading into Cemetery Road, you'll come to Rookridge Road. As soon as you have entered Rookridge, when the path splits, take the right path which will lead to the chest which is next to a kneeling statue. 5 Ruby
The ruined tower in Brightwood. The tower is on the north east part of the map, next to the stone bridge. 5 Slash and Burn Augment
Westcliff, near the shooting range. 5 Bewitching Augment, Diamond
Oakfield Cemetery, near the Demon Door, NE of the map. 10 Slash and Burn Augment
Bowerstone Cemetery, bottom of the map, in a tomb. 10 1000 gold
Bandit Coast, just where there is an O on the map. 10 1000 gold
Bower Lake Gypsy Camp, through the locked gate (unlocks after completing The Spire. 10 Storm Scar Augment
Rookridge, beside a wooden water tower (On the rail track) behind the Rookridge Inn. 15 5,000 gold
Cullis Gate Area near Brightwood Tower, SE of map. 15 Discipline Augment
In Bloodstone, on the way to Wraithmarsh, on a path to the left. 15 Golden Touch Augment
Southern Westcliff, in a ruined slave camp. 20 10,000 gold
Wraithmarsh, towards Bloodstone, on the right over a stone bridge. 20 Devastation Augment
Fairfax Castle Throne Room. Must have purchased Castle Fairfax. 50 50,000 gold


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