Shock is a spell from Fable II. The untargeted 'Surround' version calls down pillars of lightning, hitting any enemy caught in the casting radius, to a maximum of eight. The targeted version of the spell is reminiscent of 'Lightning', a Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters spell, which blasts a single opponent with a bolt of electricity. One difference is that you cannot sustain the bolt, as you could in the first Fable.

Description Edit

Damage your enemies with a blast of electric energy. Shock also stuns the unfortunate recipients. One of the most powerful crowd control abilities, a surround Shock leaves enemies spasming and unable to attack, setting them up perfectly for finishing moves.

Stats Edit

Level Cost Targeted Damage Surround Damage Duration Max Targets
1 450 25 17 1.0 seconds 3
2 2,700 150 100 1.5 seconds 4
3 16,200 600 400 2.0 seconds 5
4 64,800 1,800 1,200 3.0 seconds 6
5 194,400 3,600 2,400 4.0 seconds 8

Fable IIIEdit

Main article: Shock Spell Gauntlet

Shock returns in Fable III as the second spell gauntlet unlockable on the Road to Rule. This spell has the capability of stunning enemies and electrocuting them to death, allowing the player to see the enemy's skeleton.

Notes Edit

  • Performing shock also stuns weaker enemies every second or so.
  • Shock is the most powerful area spell, and the second most powerful target spell, the first being Blades.
  • While shock is the most powerful spell, it has several drawbacks compared to Inferno. It can only attack eight targets at max, and there are many enemies that are immune to the spell. It also does not do damage all at once, but over time, allowing high level enemies the chance to attack you. Charging up to level 5 Shock also takes a bit more time than some other spells.
  • The pillars of lightning summoned upon use of the surround version of the spell bear a slight resemblance to the columns of 'energy' and fire summoned from the spells Divine Fury and Infernal Wrath from Fable: The Lost Chapters.
  • Also as an interesting 'bug', attacking red beetles with a Level 1 shock spell will occasionally cause a small glowing orb of electrical energy to appear, and that will only disappear when you leave the region you're in. The orb can't hurt you, can't be interacted with, and can be walked through. It does however, sit around waist-level, undulating with spines of azure blue, with an arcing bright-white electrical centre. This visual anomaly is probably the visual effect which happens when an enemy is damaged by shock, but it doesn't disappear like it should do.
  • Killing an enemy with the shock spell leaves only their skeleton. Also if a weak shock spell is in effect on an enemy when killed by melee or ranged, their skeleton is also left.
  • In Fable III, when an enemy is killed, if you shoot their skeleton blood will burst out even though they have no flesh left.
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