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The Shipwreck is located on one of the small islands off the coast of Driftwood in Fable III. It only becomes available after the main storyline is complete and the Hero performs the quest The New World from Malusa in the City of Aurora. The shipwreck is easily visible if you travel to the stall Drifter’s Miscellany (General Goods), on the back side of Driftwood’s large island.

Captain's Log[]

Scattered on the small island are the remains of the Captain's Log, detailing how the ship wound up here.

Day 1

We set sail this morning with a fresh wind at our backs and a taste of the sea on our lips. My heart is filled with such joy. Into the unknown we go.

Day 3

Today we spotted two mermaids on a rock, trying to enchant us with song. Ha haha. But the first mate claims it was 2 marooned women begging for rescue. Gullible fool. Though, I must admit they did kick up a fuss when we sailed by without stopping. Then they would, wouldn’t they.

Day 6

The first mate seemed very angry when he found out I had not hired a navigator. I impressed upon him that we are sailing into the unknown, so a navigator is not going to be much good. He was not convinced.

Day 8

I have been thinking about the first mate’ comments; that while a navigator can not help us find an uncharted continent, he could help us find our way back. He may have had a point there.

Day 14

The first mate is complaining because there isn’t a sextant on board. He says he would not be surprised if we have been sailing around in circles. I have already admitted these things may have been oversights. He need not belabor the point.

Day 29

Oh. I think we have been sailing around in circles. Today we passed that rock where they mermaids were, though they were gone now. Thankfully. In their place were two skeletons. Obviously two sailors who were less cautious than we were.

Day 41

We have struck a reef. I believe the ship’s back is broken. Water is flooding in more rapidly than we can bail it out. Most of the crew has abandoned ship in panic, and as far out as we are, I expect they will all drown. As will I. To whoever finds this, if the king/queen gives you eight thousand in gold to sail to the new world, you tell him/her “No Thank you!”.


There are four chest here. Each chest contains 5,000 gold.