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Shifting Sands
Fable III Region of Aurora
Shifting Sands 1.png
Location Information
Related Quests Darkness Incarnate

A Relic of Ages Past

Enemies Sand Furies
Dark Minions
NPCs Sir Walter Beck
Exits Regions
The Veiled Path
City of Aurora
(Entrance only) Shadelight
Sandfall Palace
Crossroads of Passing

Shifting Sands is a region in Fable III. It is one of the first regions visited upon arrival in Aurora. It is Aurora's main desert region and is mainly made up of sand dunes, rock formations and the crumbling ruins of a past Auroran civilization.

Law and Economy[]

The area is a wilderness region and as such has no law enforcement or economy to speak of. During the Hero's ruling as monarch, it is possible to construct a military outpost at the edge of the desert. If this is built, a small regiment of the Royal Army will move in. They will remain inside the fort and won't patrol the region.

Points of Interest[]

The Great Arch[]

Visible from all sides, the great stone arch stands in the centre of the region. On one side lies the vast expanse of desert that leads to Shadelight and the Crossroads of Passing. On the other, the canyons lead towards the city.


The canyons run between the gates of the City of Aurora and the great arch. Sand furies prevail in this area, and numerous side passages lead to hidden treasures. The canyon to the left as you exit the city leads to The Veiled Path. The canyon with the red banners overhead marks the route to Sandfall Palace.

The Desert Outpost[]

If built, the Desert Outpost is situated beneath the stone arch. Four buildings are present, but none can be purchased. The outpost will only suffer one large attack by dark minions the first time you visit it, after which there are no scripted battle events at the location. Enemies can be baited within firing range of the outpost, however only when patrolling guards are near the gates. The guards will engage from long distance and rarely hit their target. The outpost also contains a few chests.


The following collectables can be found in Shifting Sands:


  • During co-op, there can be a gamebreaking bug that makes you fall into the ground when trying to exit into The Veiled Path. This can affect you and your partner, and seems to be random.
    • The 1st December title update reports to have fixed this glitch.
  • A Treasure glitch can occur somewhere within the big wide area of sand, near to the stone arch (your dog barks, but nothing is to be seen).
  • In the Xbox 360 version, a circular image of the party leader's gamer picture can be seen under the map, which can only be seen by exploiting the gamebreaking bug mentioned above.


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