Great Shard Concept Art
Enemy Information
Type Unknown
Games Fable II
First Appearance The Hero of Will
Related Quests The Hero of Will
The Cullis Gate
Bloodstone Assault

Shards are curious Old Kingdom artifacts, used by Lucien during the events of Fable II. Shards are capable of using a powerful lightning attack as well as transporting troops. They appear to be made from the same material as the Tattered Spire.

A shard is first seen during the Hero of Will quest, when the Hero of Bowerstone is attempting to rescue Garth from Brightwood Tower; Lucien's forces use a shard to transport Spire Guards, as well as kidnap Garth at the end of the quest. Shards make further appearances in subsequent quests, and inside the Spire itself. A Great Shard is battled during the Bloodstone Assault.

Shards can be defeated using the shock spell and a ranged weapon. Meleé combat can also be effective, although shards are capable of their own close attack which effectively tramples the player.

Shards can be seen near Brightwood Tower after completing the Tattered Spire quest. They will stop spawning if the player purchases the Tower.

Trivia Edit

  • The Commandant has pieces of a Shard embedded inside him.

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