Shadow Judges
Species Shadows
Gender Unknown
Home Shadow Court (Wraithmarsh)
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Unknown

The Shadow Judges are the three members of the Shadow Court. They have glowing red eyes, and appear as if they are cloaked. The court itself is located in Wraithmarsh, which is the wreckage of what used to be Oakvale.

Reaver Edit

Reaver, as a young man and resident of Oakvale, desired to be young forever. He was so determined to achieve eternal youth that he made a deal with the Shadow Court. In exchange for his perpetual youth, Reaver would sacrifice everyone in Oakvale. In addition, Reaver had to send a new human sacrifice to the Court every so often, who would be forced to give up their youth for his. He forces the Hero to choose themself or an innocent as one of his victims in the The Hero of Skill quest.

Reaver himself admits his regret that his sweetheart had to be destroyed along with the rest of Oakvale, and suggests in his diary entries that he didn't know the Shadow Court would kill everyone in Oakvale.


  • The central or 'leading' Shadow Court member (the only one who speaks in the scenes aside from the "welcoming" of Elizabeth and the Hero to the Shadow Court) uses a retextured (shadow) version of Theresa's character model. This is most noticeable by the way it shuffles from foot to foot, the same way Theresa does when stationary, and that he appears to be holding his hands level to his waist with the fingers interlocked like Theresa has hers. The other two members of the Shadow Court appear to be retextured Shadow Worshippers, or possible Monks of Light.
  • The location of the Shadow Court is the same area in which you first meet Theresa in Oakvale in the original Fable.
  • If you go here after the main story is done, the Shadow Judges will be gone.