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Hidden Shadows (Shadelight, Fable III).jpg
Enemy Information
Type Darkness
Class Evil, Human, Shadow
Games Fable III
First Appearance Shadelight
Related Quests Darkness Incarnate
"These creatures, the shadows, they are creatures of maniacal intent. Do not get stuck in a dark room with them..."
— Auroran villager

Shadows are black, phantasmal beings with piercing red eyes. They often take the on a humanoid appearance with wings that are partially transparent.

Shadows are hinted to be intelligent creatures, derived from their tactics and their social heirarchy. However, while intelligent, shadows are also extremely vicious, with the people of Aurora describing them as frenzied, insane killers that tear apart their foes. While the creatures are violent, they prove little match for the Hero of Brightwall, who can usually dispatch them in a single hit. To make up for their lack of durability, shadows attack in massive, fast-hitting swarms. They prefer to enclose their targets, and rely on their shadowy melee weapons to do damage.

For at least five years, shadows have besieged the City of Aurora, tearing into homes and slaughtering anyone left in the streets at night. They are first encountered by the Hero and Walter Beck on their mission to recruit allies in Aurora for the revolution. Ambushing the two warriors in Shadelight, the shadows quickly discover that they cannot do much damage to Albion's mighty Hero, and instead opt to possess nearby suits of armour to become Dark Minions. Shadows also appear in the quest Do the Ends Justify the Means?, in which they assault Bowerstone en masse, and can also be summoned by Summon Creature potions.

Shadows are often led by Dark Minions or the most terrifying tools of the Darkness, the fearsome Sentinels. These creatures can even summon endless hordes of shadows into battle. However, the ultimate master of shadows is The Crawler, who even affectionately refers to the shadows as its "children." Considering the revelations of Fable: The Journey concerning the nature of the Crawler, it is possible that his "children" are also creatures of The Void.


  • Shadows count as shadow creatures, humans, men, evil beings, and Auroran enemies when upgrading legendary weapons, with some notable exceptions. The shadows encountered during Darkness Incarnate and Do the Ends Justify the Means? will count as humans, men, "mercenaries" and evil enemies, but not as enemies found near Aurora. Alternately, shadows summoned directly by Sentinels, either in Aurora or during the final battle, will count as humans, evil enemies, and Auroran enemies, but not as men.


  • They are nearly identical in appearance to shadows from Fable II, but with the addition of wings.