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Dungeon in Aurora
Location Information
Related Quests Darkness Incarnate
Enemies Shadows
NPCs Sir Walter Beck
The Crawler
Exits Unknown Shore
Shifting Sands

Shadelight is a cave in Fable III in Aurora that the Hero of Brightwall and Sir Walter Beck explore. It seems to be infested with shadow-like creatures, referred to as the Children, a couple groups of minions, and one Sentinel. It is the first dungeon visited upon arrival to Aurora. Walter and the Hero must get through the cave in order to move on. Here, you'll encounter The Crawler, the true antagonist of Fable III.

The hero can never return to Shadelight once the quest has been completed, however there are no items to obtain or miss in it.


  • NPCs can sometimes be heard talking about the area, especially in Aurora where one might say something along the lines of "You should really close down Shadelight my king, it is a dark and evil place."
  • When first entering Shadelight at the bottom of the stairs, if you look around it looks almost identical to the entrance to the Temple of Shadows in Fable II.
  • The shadows found inside the dungeon during the quest are particularly weak to the lightning spell.

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