Sex Change Souvenir
Sex Change Souvenir
Type Trophy
Effects Raises renown by 4
Source Complete the Fairfax Castle quest
Related Quests Fairfax Castle
Base value 4000 Gold
Stars 4stars

The Sex Change Souvenir is a trophy in Fable II gained for completing the Fairfax Castle quest. It is the empty bottle of the Potion of Transmogrification.

Stats Edit

Also known as a Potion of Highly Surprising Transformation, this is the last potion the great alchemist Leo Head created, now but a whiff of vapours in a bottle.

Trivia Edit

  • The bottle itself seems to be shaped like a pair of testicles and a penis; however, if you look at it upside down it looks like breasts.
  • Showing the bottle via the "Trophy" Expression yields mixed reactions. Some people will give you Humor Points and some will give you Hatred Points.

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