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Area of Bowerstone Industrial
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The Sewers are a location in Bowerstone Industrial in Fable III. They are a series of sewers underneath Bowerstone Industrial that carry the waste around to open sewers around the district. The sewer area itself is divided into two separate sections by a barred gateway, and there are two main entrances: one by the Riveter's Rest pub and one by the Reaver Industries factory.

The Bowerstone Resistance have their headquarters in the sewers, which can be reached from the entrance near the Riveter's Rest. The second, more desolate section of the sewers can be reached by a door on the canal level in front of the main Reaver Industries factory.

To find the entrance near Reaver's factory, look under the crane hanging over the river. It will be next to the factory building and close to The Fair Trader. When you are inside, look to the left. There is a hole in the wall, and there may be some hobbes coming out. Once you go in there, a gnome will be right overhead. If instead you head right when you first enter, there will be a small alcove with a silver key. This entrance also leads to an area with a chest, and a number of dig spots.


  • The rebel headquarters has a small shooting range set up with painted targets that will highlight when targeted with a ranged weapon. Shooting them has no effect, though.

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