Serenity farm

Serenity Farm is the house located inside of the Homestead, Oakfield's Demon Door. It is a safe spot away from the people of Albion as only your spouse and children can go there unless you make people follow you there too. It is free and you are granted ownership by opening the Demon Door and gaining access to the house. In addition to the pastoral home, you will find the legendary weapon The Hammerthyst in a treasure chest, inside the windmill, at the rear of the farm.

Stats Edit

Base value: 32,000 gold
Stars: 4stars
Address: Oakfield Demon Door
History: The most skilled Will users of the once-mighty Heroes' Guild fashioned this idyllic house and its surroundings as a haven from the real world. It is said that many great Heroes, including the one who vanquished Jack of Blades, spent their last years in this retreat.
Bonuses: Animal Magnetism

Furniture Edit

Notes Edit

  • Despite not having to purchase the house, it has a base value of 32,000 gold.
  • The house cannot be sold or rented out.
  • Though no enemies can follow you here, Lucien will still kill your family if you set it as your marital home.
  • This home is similar to the farmhouse seen in the quest A Perfect World.
  • Sometimes a glitch happens and your husband/wife will visit you in Bloodstone if this is set as your marital home.
  • If you obtain this home early in the game, it will be furnished with broken or worn furniture, which reflects the economic state of Oakfield, whereas if obtained at a later time it will contain decorative or luxury furniture to match the improved economic conditions of the area.
  • Serenity Farm is also the location featured in the original GDC trailer for Fable II, albeit without the ajoining forest trail where Hobbes were fought in the trailer.

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