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The Sandgoose is a mythological goose said to be in a desert in Albion. Many stories have been told about this legendary creature. It is also said to speak English at the level of a three year old.

Background Edit

The Sandgoose was a creature rumoured to be in Fable, but many fans were disappointed by it not being in the game; many had searched for hours to find the whereabouts of the mythical creature, with no avail. It is however mentioned in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary by the Snowspire Oracle. Since then, references to the Sandgoose have appeared throughout the subsequent games in the series.

The Oracle's Prophecy Edit

The Oracle of Snowspire tells the Hero of Oakvale of a mythical creature said to roam the desert of Albion to the East. The Oracle says:

"Many strange creatures have walked upon this world since its birth, yet the historians who found some of their remains are responsible for one which never existed: the fabled Sandgoose. Joining the remains of various beasts, they hypothesized that this flightless bird was the size of a house, lived primarily in deserts and was able to speak a variety of languages. There are those who still believe in its existence, but their search has proved fruitless so far."

Fable II References Edit

  • Sandgoose appears as an inn's name, The Sandgoose in Oakfield.
  • In Oakfield's Cemetery, the gravestone nearest to the fence on the left hand side is marked with: "Sandgoose. Loved by all. Seen by none."
  • In one of The Archaeologists Quests one of the Ancient Scrolls it says "The pages seems to have been watermarked with a large symbol of a creature of some kind, possibly a giant duck." most likely referring to the Sandgoose.

Fable III References Edit

  • 'The Sandgoose' is a rifle found in Fable III. The weapon's creator was called Sandy Goose.
  • In a cellar in Bowerstone Old Quarter which contains memorabilia from old games, a sign reading "The Legendary Sandgoose" can be found next to an open, empty cage. It is seen during the "The Pen is Mightier..." quest.
  • There is a museum in Understone called "The Sandgoose Museum".
  • When dragging a criminal to a Guard, they will sometimes say "Hey, Let's make a deal, if you let me go, I'll tell you where to find the Legendary Sandgoose!"

Minor References Edit

  • In the beginning of Fable, the cheating husband calls the woman his "little Sandgoose".
  • In Fable Anniversary, the Sandgoose appears on the continent of Aurora in the loading screens.
  • The Powdered Wig in Fable II sports a blue feather, rumored to be from a Sandgoose.
  • In Fable II there is a rum named after the Sandgoose known as Sandgoose Rum.


  • In the Bowerstone Old Quarter cellar the cage is not as big as a house, emphasising the hyperboles that result from rumours of legendary creatures.
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