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Disambiguous.png This article is about the mythical creature known as a Sandgoose. For other uses of the name, see The Sandgoose.

The Sandgoose is a mythological goose said to be in a desert in Albion. Many stories have been told about this legendary creature. It is also said to speak English at the level of a three year old.


The Sandgoose was a creature rumoured to be in Fable, but many fans were disappointed by it not being in the game; many had searched for hours to find the whereabouts of the mythical creature, with no avail. It is however mentioned in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary by the Snowspire Oracle. Since then, references to the Sandgoose have appeared throughout the subsequent games in the series.

The Oracle's Prophecy[]

The Oracle of Snowspire tells the Hero of Oakvale of a mythical creature said to roam the desert of Albion to the East. The Oracle says:

"Many strange creatures have walked upon this world since its birth, yet the historians who found some of their remains are responsible for one which never existed: the fabled Sandgoose. Joining the remains of various beasts, they hypothesized that this flightless bird was the size of a house, lived primarily in deserts and was able to speak a variety of languages. There are those who still believe in its existence, but their search has proved fruitless so far."

Fable II References[]

  • Sandgoose appears as an inn's name, The Sandgoose in Oakfield.
  • In Oakfield's Cemetery, the gravestone nearest to the fence on the left hand side is marked with: "Sandgoose. Loved by all. Seen by none."
  • In one of The Archaeologists Quests one of the Ancient Scrolls it says "The pages seems to have been watermarked with a large symbol of a creature of some kind, possibly a giant duck." most likely referring to the Sandgoose.

Fable III References[]

  • 'The Sandgoose' is a rifle found in Fable III. The weapon's creator was called Sandy Goose.
  • In a cellar in Bowerstone Old Quarter which contains memorabilia from old games, a sign reading "The Legendary Sandgoose" can be found next to an open, empty cage. It is seen during the "The Pen is Mightier..." quest.
  • There is a museum in Understone called "The Sandgoose Museum".
  • When dragging a criminal to a Guard, they will sometimes say "Hey, Let's make a deal, if you let me go, I'll tell you where to find the Legendary Sandgoose!"

Minor References[]

  • In the beginning of Fable, the cheating husband calls the woman his "little Sandgoose".
  • In Fable Anniversary, the Sandgoose appears on the continent of Aurora in the loading screens.
  • The Powdered Wig in Fable II sports a blue feather, rumored to be from a Sandgoose.
  • In Fable II there is a rum named after the Sandgoose known as Sandgoose Rum.


  • In the Bowerstone Old Quarter cellar the cage is not as big as a house, emphasising the hyperboles that result from rumours of legendary creatures.