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Sandfall Palace
Dungeon in Shifting Sands
Location Information
Related Quests The Desert Star
Enemies Sand Fury
Exits Shifting Sands

Sandfall Palace is a sub-region of Shifting Sands which appears to be the ruin of a large palace. It is the home of the 700,000 gold diamond The Desert Star. It has a few Gnomes, Flowers and great number of Sand Furies.

There are two silver keys, one on the left of where you found the diamond and one behind the closed door near the entrance. Shoot the Flit Switch above the closed door three times to unlock it.

The entrance is a small cave mouth at the end of a ravine decorated with scarlet banners. The entryway is a long cave containing a door on the left that requires a Flit Switch to open, behind which is the first silver key on a small terrace. The switch is hidden on the wall above and to the left of the door, and must be shot three times. The cave opens onto a series of walkways and staircases leading over a large pond, through a door, to another large courtyard which is semi-collapsed. Stairs lead up to a large gallery containing a reflecting pool and the diamond. One wall is collapsed and the other is open to the sky. To the left of the diamond is the second silver key. Continuing through a door on the right, a hall empties out on a high balcony overlooking the earlier pond and walkways.

To find the palace, head right after exiting the City of Aurora.

Once the diamond is removed from its pedestal, a large number of sand furies will spawn to defend it, and more will continue to do so along the path leading to the exit.



There are two nests of bats located in this region. One just as you enter and another in the second room to the right of where you find the diamond. These are ideal spots to amass range kills with a flourish or kills in the day/night time.

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