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The Sand Fury Suit is an outfit in Fable III added with the Traitor's Keep DLC. It can be found in chests across the Godwin Estate.


The outfit items can be found at the following locations:

  • Sand Fury Hood: Once you get to the electrified gate, take a left and follow the path into the cemetery where Commander Milton comments on the rumours of Mary Godwin's necromancy and the graves that have been dug up. The hood is in a treasure chest immediately upon entering the cemetery.
  • Sand Fury Trousers: Follow the path through the cemetery, past the location where you fight hollow men for the first time; you'll find the trousers in a chest inside an open crypt on the right side of the path.
  • Sand Fury Top: From the generator you disable with Milton to gain access to the estate proper, head across the bridge and through the gate; you'll re-enter the garden and find the treasure chest behind a fountain.
  • Sand Fury Gloves: Enter the Godwin Estate's basement via the cave past the garden. Follow the path into the wine cellar, and behind some large barrels you'll find the chest containing the gloves.
  • Sand Fury Boots: After fighting the hobbes in the party room, continue through the mansion towards Mary's laboratory; right before reaching it you'll come across a boarded-up wall. Smash through it and take the door on the left to a small room with a chest containing the boots.


  • This is the only clothing set in the Traitor's Keep DLC where all the items can be found during your first time on the island.

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