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Sand Fury
Assassins FableIII
Enemy Information
Type Human
Class Human, Auroran
Games Fable III
Fable Heroes
First Appearance Reaver's Manor
Related Quests The Masquerade
Temple's Treasure
The Desert Star
The Key to a Greater Key
A Relic of Ages Past
The Prophetic Hermit

Sand Furies are enemies in Fable III native to the deserts of Aurora, and are mostly found in the regions of Shifting Sands and Sandfall Palace. Sand Furies are extremely acrobatic and have great reflexes and are even known to dodge and block bullets. They will back-flip away from charged Will abilities if they are given the space to do so.


Wandering the deserts of Aurora in tribes, the Sand Furies are proven to be expert warriors and masters of ambush, oftentimes burrowing into the sand only to pop up and surround their targets. They utilize both katanas and a small crossbow of sorts, indicating a certain level of high intelligence. According to the legend mentioned in the description for the Desert Fury, weapons such as those were used by the Sand Furies to slaughter every last male in the tribe, leaving their procreation habits a mystery.

Covered head-to-toe in a distinct suit, Sand Furies remain mysterious beings. Though their appearance implies that they are human, their extreme acrobatic skill and dexterity, combined with their inclination to speak only in battle-cries, suggests that they may be an as-of-yet unknown desert creature.

In Fable: Edge of the World, Sand Furies are revealed to also haunt the deserts of Samarkand.

Types of Sand FuriesEdit

  • Standard Sand Fury: These are the weakest of the two types and can take roughly 5-6 hits with a 5 star melee weapon. They wield a Master Katana and are usually the first to attack.
  • Sand Fury Matriarchs: These are strongest of the two types and can take roughly 8-9 hits with a 5 star melee weapon. They wield a Daichi styled katana and usually hold back and allow the weaker Sand Furies to attack first.

Sand Furies count as human enemies and enemies found near Aurora for the purpose of legendary weapon upgrades.


  • Sand Furies seem to replace Highwaymen of Fable II, due to the fact they have similar fighting styles and like to ambush the hero.
  • Reaver uses Sand Furies to fight the Hero and Page during the quest The Masquerade.
  • They have a strong weakness to fire and when set alight by either spell or barrel they will flee until the flames extinguish.
  • When killed by a shock spell their skeleton is shown to be human.
  • In the Fable III Limited Collectors Edition card deck, a red Sand Fury is seen as the Queen of Clubs.
  • It seems that there were once male sand furies but they were killed using the Desert Fury.
  • Their faces are never shown, and Barry Hatch makes a comment on this during The Masquerade Quest when the Hero first encounters them with Page.
  • An early piece of concept art for the Sand Furies labelled them as "Dervishes" instead of Sand Furies.
  • Earlier concept art for the Sand Fury showed them as being closer to human desert marauders.


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