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Max and Sam Spade.jpg
Sam Spade
Species Human, Ghost (Fable III)
Gender Male
Relatives Max Spade (Brother)
Elizabeth Spade (Mother)
Deceased Father
First Appearance Fable II
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased

Sam Spade is Max Spade's brother. In Fable II, the two brothers were constantly getting into trouble because of their use of the Normanomicon, which they used to raise an army of hollow men in the Bowerstone Cemetery and unleash a banshee on the town of Bloodstone. During the Rescuing Charlie sidequest, it is revealed that Sam and Max have also raided the Tomb of Heroes at Bower Lake, and had managed to arm a trap that caused even more hollow men to appear. After the Evil in Wraithmarsh sidequest, it was pointed out that Sam and Max's father was killed. All of the quests that have some sort of relation to Max & Sam involve hollow men in some way, usually summoned by them.

Sam and Max appear again as ghosts in Fable III. They ask you to once again get the Normanomicon and they throw a ghost party. However, Max becomes corrupt with power and takes the party away. Sam asks the Hero of Brightwall for help in stopping him. Max eventually persuades Sam to join him, only for them to be stopped by their mother, Elizabeth Spade.


  • He and his brother's name could be a reference to Lucasarts' adventure game, Sam and Max. Their physical attributes are based on two brothers who work for Lionhead Studios. "Sam Spade" is also a stereotypical name for the pulp-fiction private investigator, dating back to its use in Dashiell Hammett's novel The Maltese Falcon.
  • Sam, and his brother Max make an appearance in Fable III, seen in two quests as ghosts. They give the quests titled Bored to Death and Gone But Not Forgotten.
  • Sam and Max may be part of the prophecy in "The End is Almost Nigh". The prophecy in the book says that two brothers (Max and Sam) will unleash howling death (the banshee) to a town of blood (Bloodstone).
  • During the quest Gone But Not Forgotten, Sam and Max have an argument over whether or not raising the dead is a considered a real power or not. This may be a reference to the Raise Dead spell from Fable II, and how most players thought of it as a rather useless spell.
  • Sam Spade is buried in Millfields with his brother Max Spade and Mother Elizabeth Spade. They seem to have almost unique gravestones.