Salty Jack
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bloodstone
First Appearance Fable II: Treasure Island of Doom!
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Alive

Salty Jack is a drunkard sailor who lives in Bloodstone. He is found in The Leper's Arms, the single tavern in the city. After listening to his story and buying him a beer from the nearby bartender, the Treasure Island of Doom! quest will be activated.

He will tell you that he has seen the ghost of Captain Dread in Bloodstone, but given his reputation as a drunk, no one will believe him. He asks the Hero to go to a cave on the far side of the docks to investigate his claim. To get to the cave entrance, the player will have to cut through some brambles and proceed on the small path around the mountain to the opening. A Silver Key can be found in this cave. You must break through some wooden boards and swim across a small gap to a platform where the key sits. During the quest you will drop down to the walkways that lead to Captain Dread's ship.

When you get back from completing the quest, he will be much happier when welcoming you back upon seeing The Marianne, Captain Dread's pirate ship, and knows he can prove to everyone in Bloodstone that he was telling the truth about Captain Dread all along. He also states that thanks to the Hero he can return to his port without fear of ridicule by the other pirates of Bloodstone.

When you get back, Salty Jack may appear to be missing, go to the entrance to the cave where you began the quest and you might find him there.

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