Russell Shaw is the head of sound and music at Lionhead Studios in the UK. He is known for his work in many video games, particularly those developed by Bullfrog Productions in the 1990s. Shaw's most notable work to date is that found in the video game series Fable and its accompanying soundtracks. Shaw also composed the memorable soundtracks to Syndicate and Dungeon Keeper.

Musical WorkEdit

Russell Shaw is credited with writing most of the musical soundtracks for the Fable franchise. He has been partners with Danny Elfman in creating the themes for Fable and Fable II. He has been working with Peter Molyneux for 20 years.


  • A gravestone can be found in Hook Coast in Fable which reads, "Master bard R.Shaw. His music can be heard wherever you go."
  • A gravestone can be found in Bowerstone Cemetery in Fable II which reads, "Russel Shaw. Master of sound, now underground."
  • His Fable III tombstone can be found in Silverpines, and reads, "Russ Shaw. We hummed it. He played it."

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