Royal Sceptre
Royal Sceptre
Weapon Information
Type Blunt
Damage 90
Base Value 64,000 gold
Augmentations Four Empty
Acquisition Reward, The Colosseum (Quest)
Rating 5stars

The Royal Sceptre is a legendary weapon in Fable II added in the See the Future DLC.

How to Acquire Edit

Main article: The Colosseum (Quest)

In order to acquire the sceptre, you must score at least 15,000 points in the The Colosseum.

Description Edit

Though its primary purpose is as an ornamental staff, denoting its wielder's royalty, it serves just as well as a clobbering instrument. After all, kings and queens are notorious for their love of splitting skulls.


  • In terms of relative strength vs. speed, the sceptre is second only to the Daichi. However, the option of four open augmentation slots makes it a considerably more versatile and customizable weapon.
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