Rose's Diary
Type Book
Source Dig spot in Bowerstone Old Town or next to her bed before leaving to the castle.
Base value 1 Gold
Stars 1star

Rose's Diary is one of two books written by the hero's sister, Rose.

Location Edit

This book is found in Bowerstone Old Town during your Childhood stage, in the shelter where you and Rose sleep, before being taken to the castle. It is in the left corner of the shelter, next to Rose's bed. You can also later find this book in a dig spot near the former location of the hero's shelter. If you performed good choices during childhood this area is now a place with two beehives, otherwise it is still there but the beehives are not.

Contents of Book Edit

The latest entry, written over the rough drawing of a castle, reads: "I managed to find a nice piece of charcoal this morning, so I can finally start writing again. I still haven't finished putting down the story about the warrior girl who fights snow monsters. Sparrow always likes listening to that one - sends him/her right to sleep! It's not so easy for me. Winter is getting colder and soon our shelter won't be anywhere near enough. We'll freeze to death if we don't find something better. And the family of travellers who let us stay in their caravan last winter haven't come back this year. It was nice having someone to look after us for a change. If only we could find some secret passage into the castle... We're small enough that no one would notice us. We'd be like ghosts, or like mice, hiding in the walls. We'd tip-toe out when everyone goes to bed and raid the larder. I bet they have so much food in there, they'd never even notice. Bah, day-dreaming isn't going to get us anywhere. You have to think of something, Rose. You're the big sister, remember?"

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