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Road to Westcliff
Type Main Quest
(Part of The Hero of Will)
Preceding The Bargain
Succeeding The Crucible
Start Chamber of Fate
End Westcliff

Road to Westcliff is a quest in Fable II, forming part of the Hero of Will. After you witness Garth's kidnapping by The Commandant at Brightwood Tower, and subsequently retrieve Lucien's DiaryTheresa sends you and Hammer along the Bandit Coast to Westcliff. You cannot get to Westcliff prior to starting this quest because there is a barricade that Hammer has to knock down. The aim of the quest is to get to the famous Crucible and to become champion in order to gain access to The Spire as a guard. Along the way, you will fight bandits, highwaymen, hobbes, and a new enemy, balverines, as your path takes you down through the Howling Halls in search of the missing child of Lilith, a fellow traveller on the road.

50px-20101003181337%21Compass_Rose.png Locations Unlocked

Completion of Road to Westcliff unlocks the rest of the Bandit Coast, as well as the new village of Westcliff.

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