Bowerstone Resistance Headquaters
Cellar in the Industrial Sewers
Rebel Hideout (Bowerstone Sewers) 3
Location Information
Related Quests The Bowerstone Resistance
The Masquerade
Crime & Punishment
NPCs Page
Ben Finn
Walter Beck
Exits Sewers

The Resistance Headquarters, found within the sewers underneath Bowerstone Industrial, is home to the Bowerstone Resistance, one of the key groups the Hero must convince to join the revolution in Fable III against the tyrannical King Logan. It is from here that Page, leader of the Bowerstone Resistance, plans to free Bowerstone from the grip of the tyrannical king.

Heading there after recruiting the members of The Swift Brigade, the Hero and his/her ally, Walter Beck, are beset by members of the untrusting Bowerstone Resistance, who threaten to execute the two warriors as spies. However, the leader of the resistance, Page, convinces them to lower their weapons, letting the duo enter the Resistance Headquarters and explain their purpose for approaching the resistance.

After gaining the trust of the people of Bowerstone, the Hero returns to the Headquarters, where Page formulates her plan to infiltrate Reaver's Manor. After surviving Reaver's Wheel of Misfortune, the group is forced to flee the Resistance Headquarters, as a vengeful King Logan has been alerted to the location.

The last time the Hero enters the Resistance Headquarters is after they ascend to the throne and help Page out with Nigel Ferret and his gang. The area around the Headquarters will look different based on the Hero's rulings over the course of the Weight of the World quest.


  • Within the Resistance Headquarters, one can find a wanted poster for Page that has been framed and displayed by Page herself.
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