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Rescue Scarlet Robe
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Gold Quest Icon.png Gold Quest
Preceding The Graveyard Path
Succeeding Prison Escape
Start Underground Chamber
End Bargate Prison
Reward None
Boasts 0

Rescue Scarlet Robe is a gold quest in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary, that is received immediately after completing The Graveyard Path. Having just fought tooth and nail through a sea of undead, the back entrance into Bargate Prison is finally accessible. Beyond the door awaits the Hero of Oakvale's mother - Scarlet Robe. This is a lengthy quest, so be sure you have sufficient time to complete it.


The quest begins as soon as you enter the Underground Chamber, which can be accessed from the Circle of the Dead. The first part of the mission is fairly straight-forward: battle your way through the multiple areas (Underground Chamber, Underground Tunnel, the Cliffside Path and the Underground Passage) to reach the prison. Along the way you'll have to fend off undead, prison guards, and survive a couple of traps - in which a red magical barrier will surround you until you kill all the undead that attempt to ambush you.

After you get into the prison, you'll fight your way up to the torture chamber where your mother is. After a quick reunion (where your mother mistakes you for a guard, realizes you're her son, then berates you for coming to find her), it's time to head back the way you came. You make your way down through the prison, but as you approach the exit, Jack captures you and reveals how he was following every move you made up to this point using the Arena trophy he gave you.


  • There is a fork in the path of the Underground Tunnel. One way will lead you to the Cliffside Path, and the other will lead you to a small area, where there are Resurrection Phials and Health Potions for the taking. If you choose to explore this area, however, you will have to kill two prison guards and a Nymph.

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