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Renown is your Hero's familiarity status, or fame, among the people of Albion. Your renown (along with your alignment) determines how people react to you: the more renown you have, the more people will either revere you if good, or despise you if evil. Renown appears to dictate the level of standard (non-quest) enemies you face (ie: hobbes will be replaced by earth trolls, bandits will be replaced by stronger bandits). Higher renown will also grant you access to actions (such as the Flirt or Manly Arm Pump expressions in Fable and Fable TLC and the Blow Kiss or Follow expressions in Fable II).

How To Increase Renown[]

You can increase your renown by:

  • Completing quests
  • Donating to the Temple of Avo
  • Showing off your trophies (larger audiences gain you more renown)
  • Killing enemies
  • Winning competitions
  • Paying a Bard (10 Gold) to sing a song about you
  • Having a statue of your Hero made (Fable II only)

Getting married, having children and buying houses will also help to increase your renown.
In Fable II, playing the Lute will get you some renown and good points.

You can lose 50 renown by losing a fist fight against a Fist Fighters Gang.

Levels of Renown[]

Once you have obtained a certain amount of renown, you may reach a new level familiarity in Albion.

Fable and Fable TLC[]

Level 0 - Unknown
Level 1 - Unsung (500 Total Renown)
Level 2 - Recognised (1000 Total Renown)
Level 3 - Familiar (2000 Total Renown)
Level 4 - Well-Known (4000 Total Renown)
Level 5 - Famous (8000 Total Renown)
Level 6 - Very Famous (10000 Total Renown)
Level 7 - Legendary (20000 Total Renown)

Fable II[]

Your Hero will have different renown levels for different settlements (such as Bower Lake, Bowerstone, Oakfield, Fairfax Gardens, Westcliff and Bloodstone) which means that although you may be popular in one region you may be unknown in another.

Certain levels of renown are required to start some quests including the main quests The Ritual, The Crucible and Returning the Dark Seal.

The names for the specific levels of renown are:

  • Unknown
  • Recognised
  • Familiar
  • Celebrated
  • Famous
  • Illustrious
  • Luminary